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The primary mission of Drew University Library is to provide support for the academic pursuits of the Drew community of students, faculty and staff. Drew University students, faculty and staff have priority over visitors in access to Library equipment and non-governmental resources. Educational use of resources by Drew students, faculty and staff has priority over other uses.

We provide access to educational resources for the broader community to the extent we are able without affecting the services supplied to our primary constituency. Non-affiliated users may be asked to vacate equipment if it is needed by Drew students, faculty and staff.

The priority ranking for access to equipment and resources is:

  1. Educational use of sources available only in the library by Drew University students, faculty and staff, and use of federal and state resources by visitors.
  2. Other educational use by Drew University students, faculty and staff.
  3. Other uses by Drew University students, faculty and staff
  4. Educational use by visitors

Courtesy and common sense are expected in using all Library resources. No user has the right to monopolize equipment or resources to the exclusion of other legitimate users.

The Library complies with all laws and University guidelines governing the behavior of the Drew Community and its guests. If members of the Drew Community feel that access to Internet resources is being used in a way that creates a hostile environment, they may address the matter through the mechanisms in place in the University (e.g., the Sexual Harassment Committee). The offending individual may be informed of the impact of his/her actions by either the offended user or the Library staff before formal action is taken. If the offending individual is not subject to University regulations, Public Safety may be called by Library staff (preferably by the Library Administration, if available) to escort the individual out of the Library.

Approved by Drew University Library Management Team, June 30, 1999.