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Links to  information about database contents and its functions, provided by Clarivate.;


Biological Abstracts is one of the databases in Web of Knowledge. It indexes 4200+ journals in the biological sciences from 1995 to the present.  Topics range from botany to microbiology to pharmacology.

Narrow your search

1. Combine search terms with AND:  "deer mouse" AND anatomy.

2. Use the Refine Results panel, a column at the left of the results page. Biological Abstracts is unique in its ability to search by Major Concepts, Subject Areas, Concept Codes and Super Taxa.

3. Use the dropdowns near the search boxes to try your search terms in a Title search. Items with the most mentions of your search terms will migrate to the top of the results list.

Limit your search

Click on Advanced Search tab to find:


Use the links on the Advanced Search page for links to complete lists of Taxonomic Data, Major Concepts, and Concept Codes.

Display Results

Sort by:

Consider using the "Sort By" dropdown at the top right of the results page to change to a Relevance search.

Email, save, print results from your folder

Use the boxes to the left of the citations to check off items you are interested in printing, emailing, or saving. At the top and bottom of each page of results, you can opt to print, email or save your results including saving to citation managers like EndNote Web.Instructions for End Note Web.

Get the articles

In the results list,  click on  to find the full text in another database.The Article Linker guide provides additional instructions for finding full text, either online or in print/microfilm format within the library.

Contact a librarian for more help

Margery Ashmun,, 973-408-3483

or Ask a Librarian

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