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Drew requires completed theses and dissertations for undergraduate specialized honors and most Doctoral and Masters programs to be deposited with the library. 

Specialized Honors Theses (BA/BS)

Doctoral Dissertations

Masters Theses

Notice to students writing a specialized honors thesis, master's thesis, or doctoral dissertation:

With the advent of submission of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD's), the University Library will discontinue hardcover binding of paper copies.  If you would like to have copies of your dissertation or thesis bound for personal use, please contact a bookbindery directly.  (For doctoral dissertations, options for print copies are also available through ProQuest.)

Local binderies which offer this service at this time include-

R.A. Eick Quality Bookbinding
Madison, NJ
Turul Bookbindery
Wharton. NJ
Lo Gatto Bookbinding

East Rutherford, NJ