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What is the Article Linker?

The Article Linker is a new service that streamlines linking from citations for articles in Drew University Library's subscribed databases to any electronic editions of the article we may have.

How can I tell if an article is available online?

When you do a search in a database, many of the journal article citations will have this button with them: . Clicking on this button will open a new window with information similar to this:

If the article is available online through one or more of Drew's journal/database subcriptions, you will see links under the heading Content is available via the following links.
If it is possible to link directly to the article, "Article" will appear as a link. To link to the website/database holdings for the whole journal, click "Journal". Sometimes, you won't be able to link directly to the article itself, but just to the journal as a whole and browse issues: in that case, "Article" will not appear as a link and you should click on the "Journal" link (see example in the first illustration, above.)

What if the article isn't available online?

If the article isn't available online, it may be available in print, or through Interlibrary Loan. Article Linker shows you several different options under "Look for Print":
Try either or both "Search the catalog by ISSN" or "Search the catalog by journal title" to find out if the library subscribes to the journal in print.

If Drew University Library does not have the appropriate journal issue, you can also fill out an Interlibrary Loan form for the article by clicking "Try Interlibrary Loan".

Frequently asked questions:

Can I look up more than one article at the same time?

At this time, articles must be searched individually.

What if a citation doesn't have an  button with it?

In some of the databases, articles that have full text within the database will not display the Article Linker button. Look for a full text or PDF link.

Or, the citation may be for a book, an article in a book, or a monograph series. Take a close look at the citation. If you have trouble with the item, ask a librarian for assistance.

How do I get back to my search after checking ArticleLinker?

The ArticleLinker screen comes up in a separate window, so you can just close that window (use the X button in the upper right corner) to return to your search window.

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