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 LexisNexis Academic supports legal research. This huge database provides access to Supreme Court decision from 1790 onward, Supreme Court Briefs, US Courts of Appeals, US District Court cases, state cases, Canadian law, some international law, Federal and State codes and regulations, tax law, patents and hundreds of professional and academic law journals and reviews. Additional legal resources are listed below.

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New Jersey and other state resources for law/legislation/regulation

  • Atlantic Reporter (first series through second series) vol. 1 (1885) - v. 200 (1938) contains NJ and other state Supreme Court decisions: REF 348.73422 A 881a (shelved on A-level, in compact shelving) 
  • Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series v. 1 (1938) - v. 859 (2005) contains NJ and other Supreme Court decisions: REF 348.73422 A881at (shelved on A-level, in compact shelving) 
  • New Jersey Reports v. 99 (1985) onward -  contains NJ Supreme Court Decisions: NJ REF 348.749044 N532r  (shelved on A-level, in compact shelving)
  • New Jersey Superior Court Reports v. 201 (1985) onward - contains Appellate, Law and Tax Divisions. NJ REF 348.749044 N 5322r  (shelved on A-level, in compact shelving)
  • NJ Courts Online 
  • NJ Law - Rutgers Law School. Access NJ Constitution, Statutes, Bills, legislative history, Municipal and County ordinances, Regulations, Court decisions and much more.
  • State Government Information Index 
  • State Blue Books 

Resources for Federal law/legislation/regulation

Constitution - Reference Resources

  • Constitution of the United States of America- Ref KF4527 .U54 2004. Expert and comprehensive analysis of the Constitution and Constitutional issues.
  • The Constitution of the United States of America : a contextual analysis - KF4550 .T869 2009
  • Black's law dictionary 2009 - Ref KF156 .B53 2009
  • Oran's dictionary of the law - Ref KF156 .O69 2008
  • The bluebook : a uniform system of citation - Ref KF245 .U55 2005
  • The Oxford companion to the Supreme Court of the United States - Ref KF8742 .A35 O93 2005. Also online.
  • West's encyclopedia of American law - Ref KF154 .W47 2005
  • A dictionary of legal theory - Ref K204 .B59 2004
  • 1001 legal words you need to know - Ref KF156 .A113 2003
  • The Oxford companion to American law - Ref KF154 .O96 2002  Also online.
  • Historic U.S. court cases : an encyclopedia - Ref KF385 .A4 J64 2001
  • Encyclopedia of the U.S. Supreme Court - Ref KF8742 .A35 E53 2001
  • Landmark Supreme Court cases : a reference guide - Ref KF4549 .L58 1999 Also online
  • Great American court cases - Ref KF385 .A4 G68 1999 Also online
  • Legislative law and process in a nutshell - Ref KF4933 .Z9 D38 2007

International Law

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