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Policy for the Use of the Drew University Library’s Thomas H. Kean Reading Room and Gallery

The Thomas H. Kean Reading Room and Gallery (“the Kean Room”), housed within the Main Library of Drew University, is a quiet study room where Drew students may pursue scholarship and knowledge.  The Library affirms its commitment to this primary purpose and to maintaining the Kean Room as a space for individual student study.

During the fall and spring semesters, the Library reserves the right to limit use of the Kean Room to its primary purpose.  The Kean Room may be used at the discretion of the Office of the President and the Board of Trustees during these semesters, provided such use does not conflict with reading day/exam periods. 

Requests for use of the Kean Room by other campus groups must be approved four weeks in advance to determine that such use will not intrude upon or negatively impact the needs of those coming to study in the Kean Room. 

Affirmed by the Library Council: July 26, 2017


FAQ’s for Use of the Kean Room in Drew University’s Main Library

  1. There 64 seats in the Kean Room
  2. There are no in-room controls on audiovisual equipment in the Kean Room, including the overhead projectors and screen. Requesting unit must contact the Media Resource Center (MRC) to set up needed A/V equipment on the day before an event starts and to turn all A/V equipment both on and off before, during, and after event days. 
  3. There are a limited number of floor boxes in which to plug devices and equipment although a number of tables are wired for laptop use.
  4. Arrangements to use room and podium mics are made by the requesting unit through MRC.  The room mics are wireless but MRC has to set them up in advance of the event; MRC also handles wiring of a podium mic.  
  5. Arrangements to use a podium are made by the requesting unit through Drew Auxiliary Services.   
  6. Removal of table lamps is discouraged.  If desired, the requesting unit must contact Auxiliary Services in advance to handle this on the day before the event starts.  

Contact Information:  Request Worksheets and questions about scheduling an event in the Kean room will be handled by the Circulation Dept: 973-408-3486.  Contact the Media Resource Center at  Auxiliary Services work orders may be emailed to; their phone number is  973-408-3103.     


Kean Room Use Request Worksheet

Requester’s Name, extension, and email: _______________________________________________________

Requester’s Group: ______________________

  1.  Requests for use of the Kean Room must be for 25 to 64 people. 
    How many people are in your group?            ________                   
  2. For what days/dates are you requesting use of the Kean Room?

    Circulation will check the Kean Room calendar to see if there is an event already scheduled for these days/dates:    Yes/No
  3.  What are the hours, from start to finish, for which are you requesting use of the Kean Room on these days/dates? 
    1. The hours must include any food set-up and clean-up time.  Have you already checked with Aramark regarding needed food set-up and clean-up time?  For example, do they need to set up the previous day or clean-up on the day after your event? 
    2.  The hours must also include any MRC set-ups of mics, facilities set-ups of podiums, facilities removal of table lamps, etc.  If you haven’t already checked with these groups, please do so now and get back to us when you have this  information and that shown below.   _______________________________________________________________________
  4. Please check the library’s open hours for the days/dates you are interested in using the Kean Room, available at  What are the library’s open hours on the days/dates/hours being requested?
  5.  If your group’s use of the Room, including food set-ups and clean-ups, will be outside the library’s open hours on one or more days that your group plans to use the room, arrangements must be made in advance with Library Circulation and/or Public Safety so that building alarms can be turned off or on, the front doors can be unlocked, lights can be turned on, etc.  If you haven’t already made these arrangements, please get back to us with the manner in which non- open hour use will be handled.  
  6. In addition to the Kean Room, are additional set-up rooms needed by food preparation personnel or facilities?  If so, which rooms and during what days/dates?          ________________________________________________________________
  7.   Have you contacted MRC regarding any projector, screen, mic, podium wiring and projector/screen turn on and turn off?  If so, on what day/date and time will MRC be in the Kean Room prior to and after your event?
  8.  Have you contacted Drew facilities regarding any podium needs, light removal, etc.?  If so, on what day/date and time will facilities be in the Kean room prior to and after your event?
  9.  Is there any directional signage that your group would like posted?  If so, please describe.         _____________________________________________________________________           _____________________________________________________________________


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