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Update:  This work was canceled.

The changes earlier in the week exposed the need for some additional changes that need to be made to the network supporting our disk array. We expect this shutdown to be a bit more limited in scope, but we will be shutting down the email system, Moodle, and a number of other application servers. The main Drew web site will be available. The work done earlier in the week should allow us to do this without interrupting any services, but we have decided to shut down certain systems as a precaution. If the equipment does not behave as expected, we may need to shut down additional systems, but the web site and some other key services will still be available.

We are attempting to insure that we have the most stable configuration possible before classes resume on Monday. Performing this work tonight gives us the weekend to monitor the system and see if additional changes are needed. In addition, this group of configuration changes will put us in a better position to pursue any remaining issues with the various vendors' support organizations.

Thank you for your continued patience.