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Project Description

To improve the efficiency and customer service of Enterprise Application we have begun to meet with functional user departments to assess their ongoing needs and utilization of banner and related software systems.  These will include determining new banner work flows, use of banner document management and implementing new reporting tools with Cognos. 

An initial priority has been to meet with finance to develop accurate restricted funds reports for the budget managers.


  • We have already met with a couple departments and meetings with additional departments have been scheduled, and in some cases rescheduled due to weather related school closings.
  • After detailed analysis several meetings have been held with Finance and advancement services and an action plan has been developed to provide more accurate restricted fund reports within the first quarter of this year.

Coming Next

  • We are working with University Technology Operations to develop a roll-out plan for the production Cognos reporting server
  • Enterprise Applications will be reaching out to more functional user departments to schedule review meetings
  • New space on for tracking your functional software business process documentation.
  • Available training on using


Enterprise Applications Team

Bill Schulz

Director of

Enterprise Applications

Scott Wood

Application Developer

and Consultant

Neil Clarke

Application Developer

and Consultant

Vincent Gimmelli

Application Developer

and Consultant

Peter Albar

Staff Technology