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Change in Service Center Support Model

It has been just over a month since we made the change to professional staff answering Service Center phone calls. In our first month full time staff  answered 173 calls. Our most experienced student assistants answer lunchtime, evening and overflow calls. These students answered 25 overflow calls during the 9-12 and 1-5 shifts this month. This means that, in our first month, 87.4% of calls were answered by full time staff. We will continue to work toward a goal of 90%.

For those of you who have called the Service Center since January 26, we hope that you have experienced a higher level of service than ever before. It is our hope that calls will be resolved more quickly, often during the initial call, and that those questions requiring further investigation or expertise from another area in University Technology are routed efficiently so that resolution time is reduced.

The next time you have a technology question or problem, please call the UT Service Center at 973-408-4357 (or HELP from your Drew phone) or fill out a support request. We hope you’ll be pleased with the changes! The University Technology Ticketing System

University Technology relies on an issue tracking system located at to manage all technology-related questions, problems, and issues for the Drew Community. is the backbone of all technology support at Drew, and is therefore crucial to the success of the User Services Revitalization.This system allows us to keep track of issues, to communicate with users, and to ensure that questions and issues are assigned to the appropriate group or individual to ensure efficient resolution.

To this end, University Technology encourages you to fill out a support request or call the Service Center for any technology questions or issues. UT staff will create a support ticket for any requests that come in via phone, email, or other means, in order to ensure that it is documented and tracked through resolution.

When a ticket has been created, you will receive an email alert with the ticket project and number (for example, GNRL-1234) in the subject line. As work on your question continues, subsequent emails will be generated from the ticket, giving you updates or asking for further information. Reading and responding to these emails as appropriate will ensure that your question is resolved as quickly as possible. When the issue or question is resolved, a final email is sent to close the ticket.

If you would like to check on your open tickets, you can access them anytime at All status updates, questions for you and any other comments on the ticket are available at any time, as well as the opportunity to send a message to UT about the ticket.

The UT ticketing system is supported by Rian Spivak, whom you may know as our Hardware Support Specialist. In recent years, administration of this system as been added to his job responsibilities, and he has received extensive training in the system. Rian is constantly researching and implementing improvements to the system behind the scenes, and we hope that you notice these improvements on the customer service side as well.

Should you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about UT’s Change in Service Center Support Model or the Ticketing System, please don’t hesitate to contact Gamin Bartle, Senior Director of Instructional Technology and User Services (