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Please refer to the Macs at Drew page for general information about this service.

Drew University offers and/or recommends the following software for conducting University business on your Mac. Support for this software will be offered by the Helpdesk and ITC on the premise that the PC and Mac versions have similar functionality and interfaces. Cases where that is not true are not supported.

Microsoft Office for Mac

Internet Browsing


  1. Am a bit confused, as I thought I was told by the Helpdesk that Google Chrome was preferred because it worked better with our Email and Google Docs. Should Firefox be used for Moodle, but Google Chrome for Email?

    1. Jennifer, thank you for bringing this to our attention. No matter how many times you check for things that need to be updated, you are bound to miss something! I have updated the browser information to reflect the link to the page which tells you what browsers work with various applications used on campus. For Gmail and Google Docs, Chrome does have many built-in features; it also works well with Moodle. Something to note is that Chrome will stop supporting plug-ins next month. As it says on the What browser do I need to run my application? page:

      Starting in September 2015, Google Chrome will no longer support common browser plugins such as Java and Silverlight. Applications which require plugins are noted below and will no longer be supported using Chrome starting in September. Applications which rely upon Adobe Flash will continue to be supported.

      This change does not affect your Google apps or Moodle (unless you are embedding Swank videos in your courses).