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EndnoteWeb software is a web-based citation management tool available through the web via the Drew Library subscription to Web of Science and Knowledge.

EndnoteWeb allows you to collect, track and manage the citations for articles you are using for papers or research, and to output those citations in any one of many different citation styles. While you should still plan to double-check your citations, MyEndnoteWeb uses the same high-quality citation formatting techniques as EndNote.

Why might you choose to use EndnoteWeb?

  • it is place-independent-- you can use it on any computer where you can get to the Internet/World Wide Web
  • Your list of citations will be searchable
  • It is free to you, bundled in with the cost of the university's subscription to Web of Science
  • It does basic auto-formatting of citations
  • It preserves the link to the full text of an article from a database if it is linked to online as part of Drew's online subscriptions

In order to use EndNoteWeb you must FIRST create an account through Drew.

Once you have an account, you can go directly to MyEndNoteWeb to add, organize, or manage citations and output bibliographies.

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