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University Technology is equipped to fully support faculty and staff choosing a Mac as their CI computer.  Prior to November 2011, faculty could receive Macs as their standard computer, or purchase Macs for secondary computers or departmental use, but University Technology would not support, upgrade, or provide software to those Macs.

  • Faculty and staff can select a Mac as their standard CI computer.  Faculty should carefully consider their computing needs and whether a Windows PC or a Mac is the best choice for them, and staff in particular must have supervisory approval that a Mac will be able to fulfill their job requirements adequately.  Upgrade budgets will not be increased to support the purchase of a Mac, and all CI Macs must be purchased with 3 year AppleCare warranty extension.  Users wishing to receive a CI Mac should consult with University Technology on the models available within the upgrade budget, and what if any departmental supplementation of the computer cost will be needed, similar to the PC upgrade fees for laptops or enhanced desktops. 
  • A Drew-supported Mac will come with Microsoft Office installed, as well as Firefox, Google Chrome, and the Self Service client for software distribution and upgrades.  We also will provide antivirus software (F-Secure for Mac).  Users must not uninstall the Drew software if they wish to maintain support from University Technology.
  • The Self Service client is an extra cost option, that we must pay per computer (unlike our Microsoft and Novell licenses which are per FTE) and thus the cost for that must be included in the budget for the standard computer.
  • The AppleCare warranty does not cover accidental damage, or extend beyond 3 years.  As we are currently on a 5 year upgrade cycle for computer upgrades, individuals or departments should be prepared to cover the expense of accidental damage repairs within the 3 year window, or any repairs in years 4 and 5; or be prepared to pay the replacement cost of the computer.

As for faculty and staff who received Macs before September of 2011, University Technology will be able to bring previously purchased Macs into full support if they meet the following criteria:

  • They can be upgraded to MacOS 10.7 or later.
  • The customer agrees to receive the Drew software packages, distributed through our Self-Service client, including virus scanning.
  • The customer or customer's department is willing to pay the necessary costs for any OS upgrades to 10.7 (currently under review, although it looks like we'll be able to buy ongoing OS maintenance at a reasonable cost)
  • The customer understands the current warranty and support remain in effect, and the customer's standard upgrade cycle is not affected.

Computers that are unable to be brought into full support will continue to be under our previous policy of not being supported, except for basic instructions supplied at Macs at Drew.

Support for non-Drew (personally-owned) faculty and staff Macs

Faculty and staff who have personally-owned Macs are subject to the same level of support for personally-owned PCs.  At this time, this is minimal, website-based support for installation and configuration of Google Apps services, compatibility testing for Drew web applications, basic support for remote file access, and availability of Microsoft Office through the Home Use Program (HUP).  Support options for faculty and staff personally owned equipment will be developed and refined in the future.