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If for any reason you will discontinue using your Drew Gmail account but want to still have access to the email contents (such as when a student graduates, or when a staff member leaves for a new job opportunity), these instructions will help you move your existing emails to an email account you intend to continue using.


To migrate your emails manually, download the latest version of Thunderbird here.

Install Thunderbird as directed. Make sure you uncheck the "Use Thunderbird as my default mail application" if you do not wish to change your current settings.

You will be creating two email accounts in Thunderbird--one pointing to your Drew Gmail account, and one pointing to your other email account.

For your Drew Gmail account:

1.) When Thunderbird opens, you can select "Skip Integration" if prompted. A window will then open titled "Welcome to Thunderbird." Select "Skip this and use my existing email".

2.) Enter your Drew information in the area provided, like this:

           Your name:  FirstName LastName

           Email address:

           Password:  Your uLogin password (or, for those signed up for Duo, your device password)

2.a) We recommend you uncheck the "Remember password" checkbox.

3.) Click "Continue".

4.) Thunderbird will automatically detect the settings associated with the new server. You do not have to change anything. It should look like this:

4.) Click "Done".

Here are the settings for the other side:

Once the Drew Gmail account is saved, it will bring you into the Thunderbird program. In the middle of the screen you should see a heading entitled "Accounts."

1.) Under "Create a new account", select "Email"

2.) Click "Skip this and use my existing email."

3.) Type in your existing email information as follows:

            Your name: FirstName LastName 

            Email address:

            Password: Your email password

3.a) We recommend you uncheck "Remember Password."

4.) Click "Continue."

5.) Thunderbird will automatically detect the settings associated with the new server. You do not have to change anything. It should look something like this:

6.) Click "Done."

Migrating Your E-mails

When you've created both accounts, you will see this in your folder list:

Moving Mail

Please note: It may take a bit of time for Thunderbird to download all of the email from your accounts. You can see progress in the thin bar at the very bottom of the Thunderbird window.

To move your Drew inbox to your other inbox, complete the following:

1.) Open your Drew inbox by clicking "Inbox" underneath your e-mail on the side panel

2.) Click once on any e-mail in your inbox to highlight it

3.) Press Ctrl+A or Command+A to select all the e-mails in your inbox

4.) Drag those e-mails into your other Inbox

You can complete these steps with your Sent mail as well.

Moving Folders

To move folders, expand each of the email accounts to view a folder list:

Now you can move folders by dragging them from your email and dropping them into the other email.  There are however some caveats:

  • If you drag a folder tree only the folders move, not the messages. You need to open the source folder, select all the messages (Ctrl-A or Command-A will select all if you're in the message list) and then drag them to the folder.
  • If you want to make a subfolder, drag the folder into the parent folder.
  • You do not want to drag messages into the [googleapps:Gmail] folders in Gmail.  While you can put messages there, those folders are system folders that Gmail creates that work specially from other folders.  It's best to keep them separate.
  • If you put something in the wrong place in your other email you can delete the folder and try again.  You may have to empty the Trash if you delete a folder with the same name more than once.
  • It could take several minutes or even several hours to copy very large folders (thousands of messages).  Do not use Thunderbird for multiple tasks during that time, and it might be best if you don't use your computer for other purposes while email is migrating.  At the same time you will probably want to be monitoring the process in case there are errors or other issues that need your attention.  

Some other points to consider.

  • You may want to be selective about the email you copy.  You can also use the opportunity to reorganize your mail--maybe you want to use a different folder structure.  
  • If you do a lot of migrations and deletions it may take a few hours for your mailbox to be completely updated.  One issue we've seen when copying to a Gmail account is nested folders temporarily showing up as labels with "/" characters between the folders.  Give it up to 24 hours after the message copies to see if these issues clear up before attempting to manually fix any such problems.
  • You can also use Thunderbird to download copies of your Drew messages in what is called Unix mailbox format, which is a standard text file method of storing email, designed to be portable across multiple systems.  You can do that to store your old email without putting it in to another email account.


Google provides the following instructions for exporting your Gmail contacts: Exporting Gmail contacts

The import instructions will depend on the email account you plan to save your contacts to. A simple search for "import contacts" in the Help for that email account should give you accurate, up-to-date instructions. 


Google provides the following instructions for those who wish to export their Google calendar: Export your calendar

The import instructions will depend on the calendar you plan to save your events to. A simple search for "import calendar" in the Help for the desired program should give you accurate, up-to-date instructions.