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Managing a Moodle Course

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How do I make a course visible to my students?

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Every semester when the course shells are generated the course default is to be invisible to students until the professor is ready to turn the course on. 

Making a course visible to students

Why can't I see my course?

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  • Students- If you cannot see your course in Moodle please contact your professor to make sure the course has been turned on. Otherwise the professor is not using Moodle so it will not appear in your list of courses
  • Faculty- If you do not see the current semester's Moodle courses when logged in, please contact the Registrar's office to make sure you're the faculty member on record. If you have done this and still cannot see the course please contact the Service Center at 973-408-4357 or open a support ticket at

How can I add someone to my course (Student or Teacher)?

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All students and teachers should be updated automatically in Moodle as they add/drop a course. In the event that someone needs access to a course and the update has not been made you can manually add them to the course following the instructions linked above. 

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