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Use Novell Messenger for secure instant messaging within Drew. 

What is Novell Messenger?

Novell Messenger is a secure instant messaging system that provides for real-time text chat and instant messaging within the Drew community. In this respect, it is similar to third-party services that you may be familiar with such as AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Hangouts, Windows Messenger and others. In contrast to these services however, Novell Messenger is available within the Drew community only. All messages are encrypted and pass via an instant messaging server located on the Drew campus. As a result, we strongly recommend the use of Novell Messenger for University business over third-party services such as Google Hangouts.

How can I install the Novell Messenger client on my computer?

Most recently issued Drew standard PCs come with the Novell Messenger client installed. If you do not have it installed, you may install the Messenger client by following the instructions below.

  • Browse to Click on "Proceed anyway" when given an SSL error. Follow the on-screen instructions relevant to your operating system (Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X) to download and install the Messenger client.
  • If you are prompted for a server hostname and port when starting Messenger for the first time, please enter for the hostname and 8300 for the port number.

Who can use Novell Messenger?

Any member of the Drew community with a Drew uLogin account, including students, faculty, and staff, may use Novell Messenger.

What can I use Novell Messenger for?

We encourage everyone to use Novell Messenger. For communication within the Drew community, Novell Messenger provides a secure alternative to third-party services such as Google Hangouts. Instant messaging is an excellent substitute for a phone call for quick questions. As more members of the Drew community start using Messenger, we hope that you find this a valuable tool.

Using Novell Messenger

Adding a Contact

To add a contact, click the Add a Contact link at the bottom of the Novell Messenger window.

In the Find dialog box, type in the name of the person. If you do not know the full name, type in a portion of the name. Click the Next button.

In the Search Results dialog box, select the user you'd like to add. Click the Add button. Repeat these steps for as many contacts as you'd like to have in your list.

Please Note

If you have groups of contacts in your contact list, each contact will be added to the group (folder) you have highlighted.

You can drag and drop names from one folder to another.


Sending a Message

To send a message to a contact, simply double-click that user's name in your contact list. A Conversation dialog box will appear. The conversation between you and your contact will appear in the upper pane. You type your message in the lower pane. To send the message, use the ENTER key on the keyboard.