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Log in to Announcements WordPress page

To post a Drew Today announcement, you can follow the "Add your announcement" link in any Drew Today email. Alternatively, open your internet browser.

  • The first time you wish to post an announcement, navigate to
  • Log in if prompted. 
  • Click the My Sites link at the top left. 
  • You should then see “Announcements” in the menu on the left. Hover over “Announcements” and select “Add new” from the menu that pops up.

If you’ve posted an announcement before, navigate to Click the “Schedule an announcement in Drew Today” button. Again, log in if prompted. 

Please note: If you do not find the Announcements part of the site, or do not have an option to add a new announcement, please reach out to with as much information as possible (including what browser you are using and how you've tried to reach the Announcements site).

Your Announcement Text

  • On the Add New Announcement page, enter a title. 
    • This is the text that links to your announcement from the Drew Today email.
  • In the large white box, type out your information, including information such as the date, time and location of your event. 
  • If you do not see text formatting options, click on the “Toolbar Toggle”. This will give you options for changing the style or indentation of your text. 
  • Keep in mind that only approximately 2 lines of your text will appear in the Drew Today email digest.
    • To customize this excerpt, use the "Excerpt" field below this large text box. 

Add Media

  • Place your cursor in the white box where you want the image and select the “Add Media” button. 
  • Go to Upload Files, then Select Files
  • Find the image and click Open. 
  • You can choose to change the caption, alignment or size, etc.
  • Insert into post. 

Please be aware that this image does not appear in the Drew Today email digest.

Set Featured Image

To choose the image included in the Drew Today email digest, select the “Set featured image” link at the bottom right of the page.

Note, a featured image is required.

  • Choose Upload Files and Select Files, or, if you’ve already uploaded the image, select Media Library
  • Find your desired image
  • Click Open if uploading 
  • Click Set featured image 

A small square image works best as a featured image.

Publish Your Announcement

In the “Publish” box on the right, choose when you wish to send your announcement.

If you want to send a reminder, you can enter that date in the “Date to send followup” field.

You can only schedule an announcement to go out twice. To send more than two copies of an announcement, you will need to create a new announcement and copy and paste the information for the additional dates you wish the announcement to go out.

You can provide the name of a person, club or department in the “Send as” field.

Check the box for "All Drew" in the Send To box. 

When finished, be sure to proofread carefully, then click Publish.

If you realize you made a mistake before the announcement is sent, you can edit the post and “Update”. 

If you’ve already left this page but want to edit your announcement before it is published, you can navigate to, click the “Add your announcement” link, and click Announcements on the left. You will see a list of your announcements. Clicking on the title for the one that has not yet been sent will bring you back to the edit page for that announcement.

After the announcement is sent, you will need to email to edit the follow-up announcement.

Can I restrict the group of people my message gets sent to?

It is no longer possible to restrict who the message gets sent to. One email goes out daily to everyone at Drew.