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University Technology has set up a secure FTP server to allow members of the Drew Community to access their files and folders from off campus. While the recommended method for remote file access is DocXchanger, the secure FTP server provides another option for those members of the Drew Community that feel comfortable using a secure FTP client.

Server Settings

Drew's Secure FTP service supports both SFTP and FTPS (also known as FTP/SSL or FTP over SSL) protocols. If your FTP client supports both, we recommend the former as it is more likely to work through restrictive firewalls. Please note that Drew's FTP service requires a secure connection. FTP clients which only support unencrypted or cleartext connections are not permitted. This restriction is essential in order to ensure the security of your both your uLogin password and files on the network.

Server (or host name):
Port: 22 (for SFTP), 21 (for FTPS)
Username: Your uLogin ID
Password: Your uLogin password

Locating Your Network Files

When using a secure FTP client, your network files and folders will not be presented as drive letters as they are on-campus or when using NetStorage or DocXchanger. In order to locate your files, you will need to browser to the server name AND volume on which they are located.

  • Your F: drive -> CAUSEWAY2_U (server) / USERS (volume) / Your uLogin ID
  • Your G: drive -> CAUSEWAY2_O (server) / DEPTS (volume) / Your department name OR
  • Your G: drive -> CAUSEWAY2_P (server) / PROGS (volume) / Your department/program name
  • Your K: drive -> CAUSEWAY2_T (server) / COURSES (volume) / Current term folder (i.e. SP2009) / course name

Software Clients

NOTE: University Technology does NOT support any specific secure FTP clients. The clients listed on this page are provided for convenience.

Windows Client: WinSCP which can be accessed at

Macintosh Client: CyberDuck which can be accessed at

Linux Client: The default file managers in Linux are an excellent way to access Drew's FTP services.  In KDE 4.x and GNOME 2.x, use Ctrl+L to enter a location and do "s", then authenticate with your password.

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