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  • Setting Up a Printer or Copier for Network Access
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  1. Connect the printer to a network jack.
  2. Print a configuration page.
  3. From the configuration page, note the IP address and MAC address of the printer.
    1. The MAC address is sometimes shown as the Hardware address or simply HW address on the configuration page. Examples:
      1. BC:B1:81:EE:96:C1
      2. 48-2C-6A-13-5F-3B
      3. a445.36df.cc72
    2. If the IP address begins with 169.254, the printer has not properly connected to the network.
      1. Ensure that DHCP is Enabled on the printer's network settings. This will be shown on the configuration page. (DHCP is usually enabled by default)
        1. If you are unsure how to enable DHCP on your printer or copier, contact the CNS Helpdesk for assistance.
      2. Ensure that the network cable is connected at both ends. When it is physically connected, the network jack on the printer will have glowing lights.
      3. Power cycle the printer by turning it off and on again.
  4. Open a ticket with the UT Service Center with the following information:
    1. Department
    2. Room #
    3. Printer Model
    4. Current IP Address
    5. MAC Address

When UT has completed the network configuration of the printer, you will receive instructions on installing it on the department computers.