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In order to facilitate timely and successful onboarding of all new Drew employees, University Technology offers a program designed to guide the supervisor and new employee through identifying the new employee’s technology needs and ensuring that services are provisioned prior to their arrival. The program includes orienting the new employee to Drew technology services and coordinating the delivery of appropriate training, then finally formally transitioning the new hire to regular support for their future technology needs.

The Process 

Step 1 - Preparation: Upon notifying HR of the intent to make a written offer, HR will direct the new supervisor to complete a brief “New Hire Technology Needs” ( survey. This form will be used to gather basic information about equipment and telephone service needs for the new staff member (i.e. replacing existing position and inheriting that equipment and phone number, or new equipment required, etc.), as well as administrative system access requirements based upon the new employee’s roles and responsibilities.

Submitting this online form to UT will trigger assignment of the consultant, who will contact the supervisor to confirm receipt of the form and verify the information.  In most cases, this will be a brief 10-30 minute phone call. A site visit may be required in special cases where a new staff member will be occupying a new office which requires telephone or network service to be installed. The assigned consultant will advise the supervisor of next steps. Because Drew uLogin account creation depends on completion and submission of all New Hire paperwork, the supervisor will be asked to make sure the new hire does so as soon as possible. Only then can their record be created in the HR database so that the process of assigning resources can continue.

At the conclusion of the setup call, the consultant will also initiate the process of procuring any required equipment, such as a new PC or telephone, and arranging for any physical installation required in the office. This process can begin before the new hire’s HR record is created, though equipment cannot be assigned and delivered until after the record is created.

Step 2 - Provisioning: Once the employee has completed and returned New Hire paperwork and the signed offer letter to HR, the employee’s record is created in the HR database. This automatically causes the new hire’s uLogin account to be generated and begins the Provisioning phase of the onboarding process, where UT assigns any equipment and additional services requested for the new hire (this assumes the “New Hire Technology Needs”,, form mentioned above has been submitted). In order to enable timely delivery of service for the first day of work, the HR record should be created at least one week in advance of the start date. While this may not always be possible, HR will encourage supervisors and the new hire to submit required paperwork in advance of the start date to enable timely creation of the record.

Once the HR record is created and uLogin account is automatically generated, the consultant will initiate the following processes within UT to be carried out by the appropriate staff:

      • Assignment of either existing or new PC to the new hire.
      • Creation of Banner or other administrative access requested.
      • Assignment of telephone extension and voicemail box.
      • Scheduling of new employee orientation appointment as well as any additional training required (eg. Banner General Navigation training).

Step 3 - Orientation: The consultant will attempt to schedule an orientation appointment in coordination with the supervisor and the new hire, ideally on their first day of work or very soon thereafter. During this orientation appointment, the consultant will verify that all assigned equipment has been set up properly and the new staff member has access to the applications they have been assigned. A basic orientation to computer services and the telephone system will be provided. We will assist the new hire with enrollment in Duo Security, if needed, and resolve any other technology concerns they have.
Additional training that has been requested, such as Banner General Navigation training, will be provided directly by the appropriate UT staff member at a scheduled time arranged by the consultant and the new hire. During the orientation period, the assigned consultant will be the hire’s designated contact for any other technology questions and Service Center tickets that come in will be routed to the consultant until the conclusion of the onboarding engagement.

Step 4 - Transition to Support: At the conclusion of the Orientation period, after all requested initial training has been completed, and the suite of UT services requested for the new employee have been delivered, the consultant will arrange a brief (10-20 minute) “transition to support” meeting with the new hire in the Academic Commons. The objective of this meeting will be to introduce the new hire to the Instructional Technology Center, Helpdesk, and our other support offerings.

At the conclusion of the onboarding process, the new hire will request technology services and log tickets directly through our normal support channels.