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  • Using a YubiKey to log in
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In addition to smartphones with the Duo Mobile app and classic hardware tokens, Two-Factor authentication with Duo Security also supports YubiKeys. A YubiKey is an excellent alternative to a classic hardware token. Like a token, no cellular or wifi service is required. However, unlike a classic token, you do not need to key in a one-time passcode. Your YubiKey plugs into any free USB port on your computer and appears to the computer to look like an ordinary keyboard, so no additional software needs to be installed. Simply press the button on your YubiKey and it will enter your one-time passcode for you.

Faculty and staff may obtain either a YubiKey or a Classic Hardware Token from the Helpdesk. 

Logging in with a YubiKey

  • From any uLogin form, click the Duo Security link to expand the available options.

  • Plug your YubiKey into any free USB port on the computer.
  • Enter your username and password as usual and position the text entry cursor in the third field for entry of the passcode. Note you must position the blinking text entry cursor in the passcode field by clicking in or tabbing to the field. Placing the mouse cursor in the field will not be sufficient. 
  • With the text entry cursor positioned in the passcode field, press the button on your YubiKey. The passcode will be entered automatically and the uLogin form will be submitted.
  • Once you are logged in, you may remove the YubiKey.  


To see a YubiKey in action, watch this video.