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  • Using the Charge aka Debit Release Print Station in the Library
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If you have trouble printing or receive an error at the release station, please see the Reference Librarian.

NOTE: there is a limit of $5.00 per print job. If your print job will be more than 49 black and white copies (or 19 color copies), break it into smaller jobs.

1) When you are ready to print, choose the "offsetLibrary_DrewDEBIT_BW_Public" printer on the workstation. This will automatically send your print job to the release queue.

2) Go to the debit release station (blue screen on the left) and login with your Drew userid and password in the lower right.

3) Find your printout on the list of held jobs

- Your job will be listed as the user "libprinter" or with your userid, depending on which computer you used.

- Your job will be listed on the printer "offsetLibrary_DrewDEBIT_BW_Public"

4) Click "print" next to your job.

5) You will be asked to confirm that this is the job you want to print. Click Yes.


If you don't have enough money on your Business Office account/DrewCard, you will get the error message: "There is not enough available credit to print this job."

You can add money to your Business office account/DrewCard by going to, clicking on the Students tab, and choosing "View DrewCard Balances and Add Funds".

We cannot release debit print jobs for you if you don't have enough credit; you will need to send the print job again to "offset\Library_CASH_BW_Public" and see the reference librarian about how to print it.