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  • Using the PaperCut Administrator Print Release Website
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One of the many ways jobs can be released through PaperCut is using the web-based release page on the PaperCut server. This method allows printer administrators to release users' jobs without installing any software locally, as long as their workstation can get to the PaperCut server.

Releasing jobs this way does not charge the user! This method is used to release jobs that have run into errors at the payment station or that an administrator will charge for at time of release.

1) Open any web browser and go to http://offset.drew.lan:9191/release .

2) Login with your uLogin credentials.

3) You will be brought to a page that shows a list of print jobs pending release.

4) Ensure that the user has paid for the printout, then click the "print" link. You may also cancel any duplicate jobs by clicking "cancel."

5) Clicking "print" on a virtual queue (such as Library_BW_Public) will bring you to another page listing the printers in the virtual pool. From here, choose a physical printer where you wish to direct the job.