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  • Alcohol, Marijuana and Other Drug Policy

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Level 3 Adjudication---Potential sanctions


•   Attend alcohol education class (in person or online);  the course fee must be paid directly by the student to the course provider


•   Alcohol and other drug assessment.  Failure to complete an assessment and recommendations may impact a student’s ability to register for courses or remain in University Housing

•   TIPS training if found responsible for hosting


•   Fine, general, up to $500

  Loss of Guest privileges or Social Host Probation wherein all   Social Host Probation wherein each member of the room/suite is permitted to have only one guest at any given time and roommates/suitemates must be present in order for their guests to be permitted in the room/suite.  Each member of the room/suite will be responsible for their guest's actions and will be held accountable for any policy violations that occur. No parties can take place in the room/suite and no one under the age of 21 may consume alcohol

•   Loss of Guest Privileges wherein members of the room/suite are unable to host guests in their room/suite for a specified period of time.


•   Loss of the privilege to attend Campus wide events in which alcohol is served including Senior Week.


Drug Violations

 Possession and Consumption