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  • Concurrent Editing
    Even with multiple authors working on the same page at the same time, U-KNOW can seamlessly merge the revisions together as long as the changes don't overlap and conflict with each other. Even when they do, U-KNOW will provide a quick interface for users to decide which changes should be preserved.
  • Revision tracking
    As an enterprise wiki tool, U-KNOW keeps a complete history of all changes to a page and allows you to revert to previous versions.
  • Page Commenting
    Got an idea for a document, but don't want to edit the page yet? Add a comment to the page. Everyone who can access the page can see your comments and you can engage in a discussion about the topic.

So how do I get Started with U-KNOW?

  1. Either attend one of the Training Workshops scheduled for U-KNOW here
  2. Explore the documentation on U-KNOW in the technology guides
  3. Contact the Staff Lab for one-on-one training/consultation at x3043.