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  • EZproxy for Easy Off-Campus Access to Library Subscription Databases

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When you click on a link to a database or electronic journal on the Library's web pages, your connection is  automatically sent through the EZproxy service to authorize you to use the databases. You may be asked to provide your Drew userid and password for the i-Chain login. You will then be able to search and use the resource as if you were on campus. No browser configuration is required.


  1. Do I have to change anything on my computer?
    You do not have to change any of your computer's settings. EZproxy will seamlessly handle the links.
  2. What if I have databases bookmarked or in web page links?
    Those links will not be sent through EZproxy. Please use the library's database lists.
  3. Are all the Drew Library Subscription databases available through EZproxy?
    All but one of our databases is available for off-campus use.
  4. What if it doesn't work for me?
    We believe that our database and electronic journal subscriptions are fully accessible through EZproxy. However, due to oversight, configuration changes and/or database issues, resources may occasionally become inaccessible through EZproxy. If you encounter a journal or database that is not accessible through EZproxy, please email us at as soon as possible so we can fix it.
    Remember, if we don't know about a problem, we can't fix it, so help us help you.
  5. Are there any circumstances where this would not work?
    It is possible that your local computer or network could be configured in such a way that it blocks EZproxy connections. Such configurations are sometimes done with firewalls or child-protection software, either on the computer itself or by your service provider. However, in most circumstances, access via EZproxy is expected to work better for all our users.