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 Project Description

Work on the Infrastructure Revitalization has already begun and includes an evaluation of and improvement of WiFi coverage in the student residence halls and replacement of the aging campus telephone system.


  •  WiFi Improvements in Student Residence Halls, week of February 2 - 6 (weather permitting) 

A great deal of planning and preparation has been done on the improvement of WiFi coverage in the student residence halls. This process has included collecting data from student reports of WiFi issues, extensive WiFi signal testing, and bringing in outside consultants to review and refine placement of new WiFi Access Points (APs). The first residence halls that will see these improvements are Tolley and Brown.


This work is the foundation for futher further WiFi improvements in other residence halls on campus. University Technology will use student feedback and results from further signal strength testing as we plan and design the next installations.


WiFi  Improvement Team

Profile picture

Wayne Hunter
Director of Technology Infrastructure
Project Manager

Profile picture

Ethan Marsh

ITO Services Coordinator

Profile picture

Jason Slipoy

ITO Services Supervisor

Profile picture

John Holcomb

ITO Services Technician 

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David Vega

Senior Telecom Technician

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Shawn Spaventa

Instructional Media Support

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Mike Richichi

Chief Technology Strategist