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The facilities of Drew University shall be open to all of its duly matriculated students and members of students’ immediate family residing on campus. The invited guests of matriculated students shall be welcomed on campus subject to specific regulations governing the use of its several buildings and facilities, and provided that the guest respects the University’s standards of individual responsibility and conduct at all times. Invited guests must be accompanied by a matriculated-student host at all times. Student hosts are responsible for the actions of their guest. In cases when a family member lives with a student, the family member is considered the student’s guest.

Students of the University currently have free access to the book stacks of the general collection in the Rose Memorial Library. Continuance of such freedom of access is contingent upon student acceptance of responsibility for the collection and respect for the procedures established for its proper use.

The University limits access to students, faculty and staff in regards to solicitation, commercial sales, fund raising, distribution of literature, proselytizing and the like. Student groups, courses or other campus recognized activities should follow the guidelines, as defined on the Student Activities Policies website. External entities must have permission from the appropriate office, or entity, e.g., Conference and Events, Purchasing, Dean of Students, etc. Any person or organization violating such regulations shall be considered a trespasser by the University.

Policy Regarding use of University Facilities and Buildings