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Table of Contents

Here you will find helpful information to guide you through tasks in Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, and InfoPath.

Microsoft Word

Page Numbering: No number on first Page

1.  Put the cursor at first position on the first page (before any text)

2.  Go to the Insert Tab → Header & Footer group → Page Number

3.  Choose location where you want page numbers to appear in your document from among the available options.  A special Header & Footer Tools function should appear with a Design tab - it will be green, and at the far right hand side of the tabs in the ribbon at the top of the screen.

4. In the Options group of the Header & Footer Design Tools tab, click "Different First Page."  Page numbers should begin to appear on the 2nd page, not the title page.

5. Double-click on the body of the document to get back to regular text functions. 

Page Numbering: No numbers at the end of a document (for bibliographies and indexes)

To end page numbering in the same document(so that page numbers do not show up in a Bibliography or index)

1.  Put cursor in first position on the first line of the page (before any text begins) of the document that you do not want to have page numbers appear.

2.  Go to the Page Layout tab → Page setup group → Breaks → Section Breaks.  Choose Continuous.

3.  Page numbers should no longer appear on pages.

How to Change Paragraph and Line Spacing

Microsoft Excel

Creating Charts in MS Excel 2007

Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft designed free Quick Start Guides for some of the Office 2016 products. They are grouped into Windows, Mac, and Mobile.

There are also training courses and other materials gathered on this Office support page: Office 2016 training

If you are interested in installing Office 2016, please visit the page that most closely matches your role at Drew, Employee or Student. You will need to be logged in to see these pages.

Microsoft Word

If you are looking for information about formatting your dissertation or thesis, we have more information on that at the Thesis and Dissertation Formatting page.

Microsoft Excel

For additional Excel tutorials and articles, please refer to the Tech Help page devoted to Microsoft Office Excel.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Publisher


Please note: Microsoft does not offer a version of Publisher compatible with the Mac OS. If you have a Mac and would like to use Publisher, please log in to CloudPC ( You can find more information about setting up CloudPC here, and using it here.

Microsoft Access

Please note: Microsoft does not offer Access for the Mac OS. If you have a Mac and would like to use Access, please log in to CloudPC ( You can find more information about setting up CloudPC here, and using it here.