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  • Policies and Procedures for Assigned Study Carrels and Lockers

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*The Library reserves the right to add additional student academic groups to appropriate categories if the University adds new doctoral or masters-level programs requiring dissertations or theses.

Drew University Library   

Policies and Procedures for Assigned Lockers

June 1, 2014


The Drew University Library has a limited number of lockers.  The following policies and procedures are designed to administer assigned lockers as equitably as possible.



General Information and Eligibility:


  • Lockers are assigned as available, to PhD, DLitt/DMH, DMin, MA, MMH, and MLitt and candidates who are not eligible for a carrel assignment or who are waiting for a carrel assignment; eligible students in these degree programs receive priority in locker assignments in the order listed.  All other Caspersen and Theological School students, commuting students in any school, faculty on sabbatical, and CLA-BA Honors students become eligible on October 15th each year.  Drew staff or faculty members (even if they are also students) are not eligible.


  • Locker assignments are for a six-month period.  Renewals may be granted upon assignee request to students who remain academically eligible, who have met the minimum usage requirements during the current and/or prior semester or year, and who have not committed serious policy infractions. 


  • The minimum usage requirement for a locker is 6 times per month during September, October, February, and April.  The minimum usage requirement is reduced in other months as follows:  November = 5, December = 3, March and May = 4.  Usage requirements are waived during January term, spring break, and the months of June, July, and August.


  • Locker assignments will be withdrawn from any assignee who does not meet the minimum usage requirement six times (whether consecutive months or not) or who does not use their assigned locker at all for three months in a row. 


  • Assignees agree to sign in when using their locker; the log book is at the Circulation Counter.


  • Assignments are for individual use.  Lockers may be used only by the assignee.  Combinations to locks may not be given to other persons.


  • Only Library-supplied locks may be used on lockers. Combinations may only be changed by

Library staff.  The replacement charge for a lost or damaged combination lock is $25.00.


  • No signs or other materials may be placed on the outside of lockers.


  • A locker not vacated within 2 weeks of written notification will be cleared of all materials. Items not picked up after 30 days will be donated to charity.  A $25.00 fee will be assessed to any assignee who does not completely clear a locker when his/her assignment ends (whether the assignee voluntarily leaves or whether the assignment is withdrawn). 


Use of Library Resources:

  • Circulating Library materials must be checked out at the Circulation Desk before being placed in carrels or lockers. 


  • Periodicals, reference materials, and other non-circulating materials may not be kept in carrels or lockers.


  • Any items not checked out and any periodical, reference, or non-circulating items found in a carrel or locker will be removed and re-shelved.  Notification of the infraction will be given to the assignee.  A fine of $2.00 per item will be placed on the assignee’s Library account. 



  • Applications are required; forms may be obtained from Circulation Supervisors.  Eligibility will be confirmed by Library staff before assignments are made.


  • Food and food storage containers may not be kept in lockers.


  • Library personnel will not take telephone messages for assignees or refer visitors to lockers.


  • Lockers are only to be used to house research materials, not to store personal belongings.


  • Library personnel may enter without notice to retrieve recalls or to verify that the assignee is in compliance with locker policies and procedures.  Facilities personnel may also enter without prior notice in the performance of their duties.



  • The Library is not responsible for property or for damage to anything placed in lockers.  Possessions are the sole responsibility of the owner.


  • Security problems and concerns are to be reported promptly to Library staff.


Assignment Revocation:


  • The Library reserves the right to revoke an assignment if the locker is determined to have been underused or improperly used.  Failure to comply with or violation of these policies and procedures will result in the loss of the locker assignment.


  • A locker no longer needed for Library-based research is to be relinquished even if the assigned term has not expired.


  • Any assignee who loses (or has lost) a locker assignment due to low usage three times (or more) may not re-apply for a locker.


  • If there are three separate incidences of unchecked-out item(s) or non-circulating material(s) such as reference books or periodicals found in an assignee’s locker, the assignee will be evicted immediately.  Assignee will not be able to re-apply for a carrel or locker. 


Appeals Process:


Students may appeal any decision affecting their locker assignment.  Appeals are first directed to the Carrel Coordinator, then to the Head of Circulation, then to the Director of Libraries.  The Dean/Director of Libraries will consult the Dean of the student’s school as needed.


Appeals from Drew staff or faculty regarding their ineligibility for carrel and locker assignments should be made to the Dean/Director of Libraries. Questions about locker policies and procedures should be directed to the Carrel Coordinator.