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Drew University currently offers Microsoft Office 2013 2016 for Windows computers and Office 2011 for Mac.

After more testing has been done, Office 2016 will be made available for both operating systems (barring unforeseen complications).


Students are entitled to download and install Microsoft Office. 


Students can find additional information at Introduction to Moodle for Students.

Google at Drew

We have collected information for Getting Started with Google here at Drew, as well as more general information for using Google at Drew.


In order to gain access to a Drew WordPress site, you must first be trained by University Technology. To set up an appointment, please contact the UT Service Center at 973-408-4357 (HELP).

Drew Today

The Drew Today emails are sent daily, around midnight, to everyone at Drew. The Communications department manages the Drew Today.

You can find some basic instructions for posting a Drew Today announcement here. Any questions should be directed to Communications at 973-408-3238 or via email to

Network Drives

Network drives are storage locations maintained by University Technology. Each Drewid is allotted a personal F: drive, and most Drewids will see additional network drives, depending on their roles at the University. Additional information can be found at My Network Drives. From off-campus, we suggest using MyFiles ( to access your drives. More information can be found at MyFiles here in Tech Help.


For more help, see Drew University's documentation on setting up CloudPC and Using CloudPC.

Drew Email