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  • Storage Options and Backing Up Your Data

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The University Technology Helpdesk will NOT accept your computer for repair unless you have your data backed up somewhere externally.

University Technology has offered a workshop on organizing your files which some of you may find useful. The slideshow presentation, with links, can be viewed here.

Your F: Drive

Your F: Drive is a network drive that Drew has provided for you to use as storage space for academic documents and data. You start out with 100 MB. More space can be added by request, but students can only have a maximum of 200 MB of space; staff and faculty can have up to 1000 MB.


Faculty and Staff also have access to the O: drive, commonly referred to as the G: drive (this is your shortcut directly to your departmental folder), for their storage needs. It can be accessed like the F: drive. Your G: drive will be shared with everyone in your department. DO NOT save personal or private data there.

Google Drive

Google offers two desktop applications that can be used to sync files between your Google Drive and your computer. We have information about these applications at Google Drive Desktop Applications.

You can also learn more about Google Drive and its storage options at the G Suite Learning Center for Drive.