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Use your existing smartphone running Apple IOS, Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry so that you do not need to carry a separate device in order to log in.

When using a smartphone, Duo Push displays a login prompt on your device whenever you try to log in. Simply tap Approve and you are logged in; no need to read and retype passcodes.

When your phone is not able to get cellular or Wifi coverage, you can also use the Duo Mobile app like a classic hardware token. Simply tap the key icon next to Drew University in order to generate a one-time passcode. Enter the one-time passcode into the uLogin form to log in.

YubiKeys are a convenient way to log in without requiring Wifi or cellular coverage on your phone and without requiring you to hand enter a one-time passcode.

You can use a YubiKey to log in to any computer or tablet with a USB port or adapter. Simply plug in your YubiKey, enter your username and password, and tab to the passcode field on the uLogin form. Tap the button on the YubiKey and it will enter the passcode for you. The YubiKey works with any PC or Mac and does not require any special software. YubiKeys can attach conveniently to your keychain.

Obtain your YubiKey by visiting the Helpdesk with your Drew photo ID during business hours.

For those that prefer them, classic hardware tokens are available from the Helpdesk, . Simply bring your Drew ID during business hours to obtain one.

Use a classic hardware token to log in on any device without requiring cellular or wifi coverage. Simply press the button on the token to display a one-time passcode, and then enter that passcode into the Passcode field on the uLogin form.

Regular cell phones and landlines make an excellent choice as a backup device for authentication if the device you normally use for logging in is lost, damaged, or simply not available.

To use a second or third phone for authentication, simply choose the appropriate option from the Duo Security drop-down menu on the uLogin form. You can either have Duo send a text message containing 10 one-time passcodes or you can elect to have Duo call the phone number to confirm your login.

Learn more about using Duo on:

Learn more about Yubkeys:



Learn more about Classic Hardware Tokens:


Learn more about using cell phones and landlines:


It is easy to enroll multiple smartphones, tablets, cell phones, and landlines during the Self-Service Enrollment process. If you ever need to change or add devices later and are able to log in using at least one of your devices, visit the Two-Factor Self-Service site ( and click Manage Deviceschoose My Settings & Devices on the left. If you need to change or add devices and are not able to log in using an alternate method, or if you need to obtain a YubiKey or Classic Hardware Token, please stop by the University Technology Helpdesk during business hours with your Drew photo ID and we will be happy to help.