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***For Additional Information regarding Student Remote Learning with Moodle please see linked document (Last Updated 3/10/20)

A Note about Moodle 2 and Moodle 3

As of Fall 2017, Drew is running an updated version of Moodle. This is where you will be directed when following the link from TreeHouse or navigating directly to

If you need to visit courses from a recent semester (only courses from the prior semester will be visible to you), you can follow the link from the home page on Moodle or navigate directly to

The Moodle Homepage

The Moodle home page consists of blocks. These blocks provide navigation tools, announcements about Moodle at Drew, Tweets from University Technology, links to your Courses, and (at the top) some settings options for you.


Not all of your courses will be listed automatically in Moodle. Some professors don’t use Moodle, so if you know that one of your professors has a Moodle site for their course, and do not see the course in Moodle, check with the professor first. It is possible they did not make the course available to students, or that you are not properly enrolled in the course (in which case, you may need to reach out to the Registrar's office). If you are enrolled in the course and your professor has made it visible to students in Moodle, but you still do not see it, please reach out to the Service Center by calling 973-408-4357 or emailing emailing Let us know the course name and number, and what other courses from your schedule you do see (if any). 

Course Web Page

The course web page is divided into three columns.


You will be taken to the User report tab, which will list your grades for this specific class. If you switch to the Overview report tab, you will see a list of grades for all of your classes (with grades).

Moodle Mobile App

Some people like to use the Moodle Mobile app. When setting up the app, you will be prompted for the site URL. Please enter

Note that not all features are available in the mobile app. 

Additional Questions

Additional questions can be directed either to your professor or to Drew's Service Center. The latter can be reached by phone at (973) 408-4357; by email at; or by submitting a support request at