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Google has two distinct Desktop applications for syncing your data to Google Drive and your Desktop. They are called Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync.The differences between these two options and guidance as to which would work best for your needs is discussed below. 


Drive for Mac/PC (the desktop application) is no longer supported as of Dec. 11th, 2017 and will completely shut down on May 12th, 2018. The web application will still be available and supported. 

Which should you use?

Drew University uses Google’s G Suite, therefore, employees and students have the option of using either Drive File Stream or Backup and Sync – or both. If you have been using the older Google Drive for PC/Mac utility to synchronize files between Google Drive and your workstation, but a significant number of those files aren’t needed on your workstation and are taking up a lot of space, you may find that Drive File Stream is a good choice as you can select individual files to synchronize. Additionally, if you use Google Team Drives or anticipate using them in the future, then Drive File Stream would also be a good choice as it supports synchronizing files from Team Drives to PCs and Macs, which Backup and Sync does not.