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  • Storage Options and Backing Up Your Data

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  • You simply have to open Computer or This PC and you will see your F: drive there. 


You may also access your other network drives using the following instructions here.

Off Campus and Non-Drew Device Access

The F: Drive is accessible off campus and from non-Drew computers/devices as well. Using a web browser, go the, log in with your Drew username and password, and you will see all of your network drives. You will use your Drew uLogin information here. Learn more at MyFiles.

Departmental Drives (Fac/Staff Only)

Faculty and Staff also have access to the O: drive, commonly referred to as the G: drive (this is your shortcut directly to your departmental folder), for their storage needs. It can be accessed like the F: drive. Your G: drive will be shared with everyone in your department. DO NOT save personal or private data there.


Flash Drives are small, portable storage devices. These can hold anywhere from 1 GB - 50 GB nowadays (some even more). While they are getting less expensive as time and technology advances, the more storage it offers, the more expensive the device typically is. These are helpful for transporting important files around with you, but are not intended for long-term storage or backup.

External Hard Drives

External Hard Drives are exactly what they sound like. They are large storage devices, many having 1 TB or more for storage. These are the best options for backing up your computer's files since they typically have the most storage space. Some come with programs installed to help you back up your files, but most are just plug-in then drag and drop.