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What do I need to work remotely?


  1. Set an away message

    1. See “Drew Virtual Time Scenario” for steps on setting up your phone while you are away with the University's recommended message

  2. Checking voicemail

    1. Any voicemails received to your personal extension should also generate an email to your Drew address with a wav file recording of the message

      1. If you have not been receiving these emails, please email from your Drew address - identify your extension

    2. To call and check your voicemail, dial 973-408-4933

  3. Placing calls 

    1. Calling others from your home or cell phone may result in your number not being recognized and allowed to go to voicemail. Consider using email for most communications, or see below.

    2. If there is concern about protecting your personal phone number when making a business call, consider dialing *67 followed by the number. This will hide caller ID for the phone call (but must be repeated every time you wish to hide your number).


In a situation where email is simply not adequate, consider the following alternatives.