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We recommend Google Chat (previously Google Hangouts Chat), a Google service available in your Drew Google account, for conversations with your coworkers. (Hangouts Chat will only work with a G Suite account. Make sure you are only logged in to your Drew account in the browser you are using.)

Google's Hangouts Chat Help hub

Table of Contents

How to Access

  1. Web:
  2. Android: Install the app from the Google Play Store.
  3. iPhone: Install the app from the Apple Store.

Send a Direct Message

Google instructions: Send a direct message


The next time you want to message someone you've spoken to recently, you will find them listed as a recent contact in the menu to the left (on the web), or in the People section of the app. 

Chat Rooms

Google instructions: Create a room


Once the room is created, you can send messages and share files/images just as you do in a direct message.

Message Options


Chat notifications can be a bit tricky. To see what works best for your use of Chat, be it on a computer, on a mobile device, or a mix, review your notification options here and some troubleshooting tips here.