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  • Using Your Phone as a Scanner

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titleFree Trial Membership

Please note: New users of the CamScanner app will be signed up for a free premium trial version (currently lasting one month). After that month, your account will switch to the basic membership, which is free. See pricing models here. You are not required to pay for the license or subscription in order to continue using the app.

First time use

  1. Open the app.
  2. The first time you launch, you'll be walked through an intro.
    1. On the last step of the intro on an iOS device, it tells you payment will be charged to your iTunes account and cancel anytime. Instead of clicking Continue, click the X in the top left corner (unless you do want to sign up for the subscription, in which case, Continue!).
  3. You have a choice to Register or "Use Now" (the latter being in smaller print)
    1. If you choose Use Now and are still prompted for a phone number or email address you do not wish to provide, hit the back button
    2. If you want to sign in later, look for the person icon (as of this writing, top left on Android, bottom right on iOS)
  4. We recommend you choose "Don't Allow" for Notifications (you don't need extra notifications, do you?)
  5. When following the steps below, you will be prompted to allow the app to use your camera; please allow this

The app will encourage you to try the premium upgrade when you open it, and sometimes after scanning - choose "No Thanks"

Scanning Steps

Most of the screenshots below were taken on an Android device. The iOS device options will be in slightly different positions.

  1. Open the app.
  2. Press the camera to start a scan.
    Start New Scan
  3. Point your phone’s camera at the document you want. Press the Camera button.

  4. Drag the edges or corners to crop the photo if necessary, then press Next.
    Take Scan

  5. Adjust your scan

    1. Rename file (optional, but recommended)

    2. Use options at the bottom to get the best visual - Magic Color often works best for a white background page.

    3. Click the Save checkmark.
      edit scan

  6. You can add pages by clicking the Camera button again.

  7. Once finished, share your file using either the PDF icon or the share icon (to the left and right of the red a in image below). 
    Sharing Final
    1. If you want a PDF, choose PDF and go to step 8.
    2. If you want a JPG, choose Share and go to step 9. 
    3. If you want one of the other file formats, you will see the options (and any potentially associated costs) by choosing the Share icon. 
  8. After you see your PDF (with watermark), click the Share button at the top right. Go to step 10.
    Share PDF
  9. Choose Share JPG (JPGs will also have a watermark). Go to step 10. 
    Share JPG
  10. Choose the service you wish to use for sharing. The options you have will depend on what other apps are installed on your device. You will probably opt to use Gmail or Save to Drive in order to share your file.
    Share via
    1. We recommend sharing the file to your Drew Google Drive or Gmail account, then saving it to your computer and uploading it to Moodle, if that is the desired final destination.
  11. You've now scanned and shared your work! Congratulations!