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  1. Open CloudPC
    1. If you don't use CloudPC often, please check the documentation here.
  2. Add Word 2013 to your virtual desktop using the Search box at the top right if you do not see it (see Using CloudPC for more information)
  3. Launch Word 2013
  4. Go to File > Open
  5. Choose Computer, then Browse 
  6. Click This PC on the left and look to your network drives or Local Disk (which is your local physical computer), depending on where the file you need is saved
    1. You may be prompted to grant permission for the program to access your files; please grant it
  7. Find and open the PDF file you need to convert
  8. Word will tell you it is going to convert your PDF to an editable Word document. Note, it really will take a while! Click OK.
  9. Take note of whether the file converted to images or actual text. 
    1. If text, you're all set and should be able to save the Word file to your desired locationgo to step 10.
    2. If pictures, this PDF is too complicated for Word to convert.
  10. File > Save As > make sure it's set to .docx > Save