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This is an important reminder - the F-Prot antivirus software, formally distributed with Drew-issued Windows PCs - is no longer supported and no longer getting updates. With each passing day, it is increasingly out-of-date. This poses a very real risk to your personal data, and University data to which you have access. You need to install F-Secure as soon as possible. A significant number of computers do not have F-Secure at this time.
You should install F-Secure via the Application Explorer folder on your Drew-issued Windows computer. Browse to "Install Software" and then "Utilities" and look for an icon named "Install F-Secure Antivirus". If you have F-Prot installed, this will remove it and install the new package.

If the installation does not run, or you are having problems with the Application Explorer, you need to contact the CNS Helpdesk at 3205 or send an email describing the problem to

This year's new computer models (Macintosh and Thinkpad models with Windows 7) already have F-Secure, and very recently reimaged computers may as well. The easiest way to determine if F-Secure is installed on a Windows system is to Windows Start button, select "All Programs" and see if there is a folder titled "F-Secure Anti-Virus for Workstations". It may appear at the end of the list. If F-Secure is not there, and F-Prot is listed, you need to install F-Secure.