The guest policy at Drew University creates a structure for students to host guests on campus, and residents to bring guests into their room/suite. In full support of the educational component of the mission of Drew University and the Office of Residence Life, we recognize that students who are commuting or living on campus are expected to view academic responsibilities as their primary goal. Therefore, an environment conducive to study takes precedence over socializing in the student’s residence on nights and weekends. Further, any type of violation of Drew University policy can harm the community’s ultimate goal of academic success.  The guidelines for visitation are grounded in this academic mission and are designed to balance a student’s responsibilities with individual and group needs.

University Actions Against Non-Students

Persons who are not students but who violate Federal, State, or local laws or University policies may be subject to arrest, immediately banned from campus and/or may have their campus visitation privileges revoked. Student hosts are responsible for the conduct of their guests and for informing their guests of University policies.  Hosts may be charged with the violation(s) of Daniel’s Dictionary that was committed by their guest(s) and/or for a violation of the University’s guest policy.

For students in family housing, the student is considered the resident, and their family members (spouse, partner, children, etc) are considered guest.

Residential Guest Policy

University housing is provided only for those students who have been assigned a room and have signed a housing agreement with the Housing Office. Other persons, or guests, have no right of entry into the residence halls, but are allowed entry by a sponsoring student.

Registering Your Guest(s)

Residents must register their guest(s) with the Office of Residence Life. Guest registration occurs online via the Residence Life website by completing the guest registration form.  It must be completed by the resident who is hosting the guest.  In emergencies, the Desk Attendant who is working in the complex where the resident resides can register the guest. Desk Attendants work Sunday through Thursday from 9pm to 12:30am and Friday and Saturday from 9pm to 2:30am. Residents must bring their guest to the Desk Attendant to complete the guest’s registration.

Desk Attendant desk can be located in the following areas:

If the building in which the host resides does not have a Desk Attendant, the expectation is that the host will register their guest at the desk located in their complex and receive a guest pass. If the host and their guest(s) visit another complex, the guest pass will be accepted; there is no need to re-register with an additional complex.

Commuter Guest Policy

Guest Policy at Student Events

During Senior Week - CLA students (subject to additional rules and regulations as announced by the Office of Student Activities)