(Unfortunately, the Mozilla Toolbar doesn't seem to work with ACM Digital Library.)

The ACM Digital library platform requires the two step process of exporting the citation and then importing them. Unless you create an ACM account and save your citations to a 'binder' you will need to export/import citations one at a time.

Exporting from ACM Digital Library:

  1. Go to the full record for the citation you want to import.
  2. In the Tools and Actions section of the page, look for Display Formats and click on EndNote:
  3. Your browser will download a file whose file name consists of a number plus .enw.

Importing to MyEndnoteWeb:

  1. Login to endnoteweb
  2. Click on the Collect tab
  3. Click on "Import New References"
  4. Next to File, Click on the Browse button and find the xxxxxxxx.enw file you downloaded (look in F:\My Documents\Downloads)
  5. Next to format, choose Endnote
  6. next to To: select the folder you want to put the files in.
  7. Click Import