Dear Colleagues,

It has been just over two months since we announced the University Technology reorganization and I stepped into the role of Interim CIO. In that time, we have launched four important revitalization initiatives to enhance technology service to the community. I'd like to take a few minutes of your time to review the significant progress so far and what's still to come. Many of these changes are informed by the results of the Employee Technology Survey conducted this fall. We intend to issue a student oriented survey this spring, and both of these surveys will serve a vital role in our planning process going forward. I'd like to thank Gamin Bartle for leading the effort to administer this survey and Mike Richichi for writing the report, which you may read here.

As you read through the summaries of the work accomplished, they may strike you as different than a typical technology announcement. We are not pitching new tools that you can use with a lot of new features. That is deliberate. The four revitalization initiatives are focusing on the fundamental services that UT provides, reevaluating How and Why we deliver these services and not just What services we offer. The underlying motivation of each of these four initiatives is to either improve customer service or to eliminate unneeded complexity and reduce costs, freeing up resources for more important pursuits. Ensuring that the basic services are performing as effectively and efficiently as possible will put us in a better position to meet the evolving needs of Drew going forward. 

So what is it that we have been doing for the past two months?

I would like to acknowledge the dedicated and talented UT staff who have responded to the call for change with professionalism and skill. Thanks to their efforts, significant progress has been made in a very short time period and there is much more to come. I would also like to thank Mike Groener and President Baenninger for their support of these initiatives. I am eager to hear your feedback on this or any other technology related concerns. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at with your feedback.


-- Axel Larsson