The purpose of Drew Library social media is to inform constituencies about and promote our events, services, and resources, as well as to engage in larger conversations regarding libraries and scholarship.

It is important for our faculty and staff to follow the same standards while using social media as they do in their face-to-face interactions and other forms of communication with our constituencies. Even more so in our online dialogues, we must recognize that even individually-driven conversations are potentially public for the world to see how we treat and connect with others. We must obey all standards set forth by the University, and we must show respect for others, just as we do in other forms of communication.

More information about the specific social media platforms and their purposes and uses can be found in Appendix A. Any person posting to Drew Library social media accounts must read and adhere to this policy as well as the purpose statements in Appendix A.

Account Administration


If you are unsure whether or not a post or repost is appropriate, check with the Library’s Social Media Account Administrators or the Associate Dean of Libraries.