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  • Ecuador Archaeology Project 2010
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This is the home of the Ecuador Archaeology Project

To edit the text in the main area:

1. Click on Edit

2. Use the Rich Text or Wiki Markup editor to change the text

3. Save your changes.

To Add a Document

1.  Click Add

2.  Choose the Document Option.

3.  Browse to the document you want to attach and add it.

4.  Click on View to get back to the normal view of the page

5.  Create text to act as the link for your document.  For instance, I'm using Haiti Ribbon as my text.

6.  Highlight the text you want to have as the link, and then click on the Link Button in the edit bar above. 

7.  When the link dialog box appears, choose the Attachments option from the menu on the left hand side of the dialog box. 

8.  Click the Insert button at the bottom of the dialog box.  This should create a link to the attachment.

You can attach PDF files and pictures.  If you are simply going to attache a word document, there is an Import from Word option in the Tools menu.  You can Add a New Page to this space for each document you want to import.

Send an email to Krista if you have any questions (