Interim measures or restrictions, such as no contact orders or geographical restrictions, may be imposed at the discretion of the University. Interim measures or restrictions may be administered prior to a determination of responsibility in the student conduct process when there is a reasonable basis to believe that there is an immediate threat of harm to the health, safety, or well-being of the community. Drew may also impose a variety of other interim restrictions and/or remedies. Interim measures are imposed by the Office of the Dean of Students, or designee, and may include, but are not limited to:

  • No contact orders,

  • Prohibitions on calls, texts, e-mails, electronic postings, and scripted encounters,

  • Geographical, time, and building restrictions, including changes to transportation, dining, and working situations,

  • Restriction from residential housing,

  • Changes or modifications to academic, curricular, and other school activities, including changes to class schedules, the award of incompletes, a drop/add of courses without penalty, extension of deadlines, and alternative methods of attending class,

  • Restriction from academic courses,

  • Interim suspension, including suspension from the campus or suspension from housing,

  • Restriction from athletic or other extracurricular activities, and

  • Check-in/out requirements.

Interim measures or restrictions can be imposed at any point and may be modified as more information becomes available. Any decision on an interim measure or restriction does not in any way constitute a finding of responsibility in the Student Conduct process and shall not be a factor in the final decision.

Request for reconsideration of an interim measure or restriction should be sent in writing, via email, to the Dean of Students, or designee. Decisions on interim measure reconsiderations are within the sole discretion of the University. The decision of the Dean of Students, or designee,  does  not constitute a determination of the underlying matter and will not preclude the University from taking appropriate actions in accordance with the student conduct process outlined in Daniel’s Dictionary.

Actions beyond interim measures or actions:  Matters that are not resolved voluntarily and which continue to represent a threat to public health or safety may result in an administrative meeting, which may be held by phone, video link, or via written communication. Prior to any final determination, a student will be advised of the information regarding his or her situation, afforded notice of the meeting, and provided the opportunity to submit pertinent information. Students are required to comply with any required assessment processes and requirements.

The final determination should be supported by an individualized assessment of the student to the degree that is reasonably possible.

Should a student’s conduct pose a threat to public health or safety, significantly disrupt the life of the community, or violate University codes of conduct or community standards, the University may also take other appropriate action, including interim actions, as well as disciplinary action, which could result in disciplinary sanctions, suspension expulsion or involuntary withdrawal.

No Contact orders may be, but are not limited to being, interim actions. No Contact orders will more likely than not remain in place as permanent, regardless of findings of any investigation or hearing. 

There will be no refund of tuition and fees for a student who is expelled or suspended (from the University or from housing.)

Prior to re-entry/readmission:  The student will consult with the appropriate University official to review the available, but limited, University resources, or external resources, which may be of assistance in a student (CLA, Caspersen and Theological) returning to Drew and participating fully in the essential academic, extracurricular, or social life of the University community. Students will need to show a plan they have developed to aid in achieving their goals towards success.



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