Drew University currently employs the Live Safe emergency notification and communication tool by Vector Solutions to provide notification to the community in the even that there is an emergent or dangerous situation. All members of the community will be notified via text message to the cell phone number they have on file with the University as well as an emergency email to their Drew University email address. Those who have installed the Live Safe application on their phone will also have a push notification sent to their phone. 

To update your cell phone number on file to ensure you are receiving the alerts, please do so via Treehouse under Personal Information. To download the application, please utilize the Android or Apple App stores and look for the LiveSafe app by Live Safe, Inc.

The university will endeavor to communicate through as many channels as possible. However, during emergency situations with limited options, the Live Safe notification system will be the primary way in which the University communicates with the community. It is the responsibility of each member of the university community to register with the system.

In addition to receiving notifications, users can also communicate directly with a member of the Campus Security team. This can be done directly in the app by reporting an incident or it can be submitted online, via the web based tip submission tool found here: https://tips.livesafemobile.com/

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