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Posting Policy

The following are rules and regulations regarding where advertisements can be posted on campus.

  • Posting Permissions: Only members of the Drew University community are permitted to post on campus; this includes: current active and recognized student organizations, university departments, academic units, faculty and staff, and all students.
    • Off-Campus Individuals: Must first have items approved by the following departments before posting on campus:
      • Information to be Posted in Residence Halls: Office of Residence Life, 973.408.3394.For additional policies and procedures for posting in the Residence Halls, please refer to the Res Life Policy under II. Conduct Policy* *k. Signs, Banners, and Chalking
      • Information on Employment, Jobs, Internships, etc.: Center for Career Development, 973.408.3710
      • Academic Assistance Services (Tutoring, Note-Taking, etc.): Academic Services, 973.408.3327
      • All Other Off-Campus Requests: Office of Student Activities, 973.408.3924
  • Where to post: On public bulletin boards. The sponsoring organization is responsible for hanging (only use masking tape or push pins as appropriate) and removing all items within 48 hours after the conclusion of the event.
    • Organizations who do not remove advertisements within the 48-hour time line may be subject to loss of posting privileges, or sanctions including but not limited to fines to cover the cost of removing the flyers.
    • Please be respectful of all University property when posting advertisements
      • Staff in each building are asked to monitor the items posted on public bulletin boards and directed to contact Student Activities, to report organizations who have violated the policy.
  • Posting is prohibited: On all campus building doors, windows, any glass or mirrors, walls, entryways, furniture; and cars. Do not post on organization-specific bulletin boards without the permission of those organizations or departments. Advertisements may be tied around trees, but they may not be nailed or tacked to trees as doing so will harm the trees. Please keep in mind the weather and remove decomposing advertisements as quickly as possible.
  • Banners and Items Larger than 11x17: Must be approved by the Office of Student Activities prior to posting. The approval process for extra large sized advertisements takes 48 hours once the item is received by Student Activities. If the item is to be posted in the Ehinger Center, these requests must be made a minimum of 5 business days prior to the start date of the posting.
    • Large items to be posted in the Ehinger Center require additional assistance from the Facilities Department; these requests must be made a minimum of 5 business days prior to the start date of the posting.
    • Once items are approved: Student Activities will follow up with next steps depending on the posting location requested.
      • Large-Scale items to be hung in the Ehinger Center require a formal request to the Facilities Department. All requests for large-scale items to be hung in the EC must be requested a minimum 5 working days prior to the start date of the posting.
  • Chalking: Chalking is allowed for approved events/purposes in locations that may be cleaned by natural sources (rain). No chalking on buildings, stairs, walls, and areas under breezeways, if chalk appears on any of the prohibited sites it may be treated as vandalism and subject to disciplinary sanctions, including but not limited to fines to cover the cost of removing the chalk.
    • Chalking around Residence Halls must be approved by the Director of Residence Life; or his/her designee
  • Advertising Content Guidelines: All advertisements must be free of offensive language and/or any content that may be perceived as racist or demeaning to a specific group of individuals. Content that depicts any activity that is or could perceived be to be dangerous or illegal and content including alcohol or other drug use is prohibited.
    • Copyrighted Materials: Any use of copyrighted materials (photos, images, art, etc.) requires securing written permissions and rights prior to the posting. Materials may be used without copyrights/permissions when the material is mostly factual; changed drastically from the original purpose; or if it has been changed considerably from its original appearance.
    • Political Campaign Posting: The posting of campaign signs is prohibited on campus. Exceptions include: signs posted by students in one’s own residence hall room, and signage temporarily posted in public spaces for a University recognized or approved student organization event, candidate forum, debate, or political event.
  • Ehinger Center Posting: Flyers, banners, etc., to be posted in the Ehinger Center (EC) must be dropped off at the Ehinger Center Desk. Only the EC Desk Staff are permitted to hang items in the Ehinger Center. 
      • Groups who post items in the Ehinger Center circumventing the EC Desk Staff may be subject to disciplinary sanctions, including but not limited to fines.
  • Tabling and Napkin Dispenser Posting in Dining Venues: Must be approved by the Director of Dining Services prior to any posting; 973.408.3448.
    • Napkin Dispensers in The Commons, Ehinger Center or Brother’s College: Once content is approved you will be notified as to the appropriate size and quantities needed for advertising in napkin dispensers.
  • Loss of Privileges: Use of any tape other than masking tape, stapling, or affixing materials to painted surfaces and/or glass, and chalking on unapproved surfaces, potentially damages University property and is strictly prohibited. Any organization, and/or individual member of the Drew University community found in violation of the Posting Policy is subject to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to: monetary fine, damage assessment, and/or loss of posting privileges.
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