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  • Borrowing and Privileges--Drew University Faculty or Staff Member's Spouse or Child

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A spouse or child (aged 12 or older) of a Drew faculty or staff member may borrow library materials. 

  • The spouse of a Drew University faculty or staff member who would like to borrow books should obtain an ID card issued by Drew University
  • Then, obtain a "Family Member Registration" form from the Circulation department in the library   
  • Drew faculty and staff members should pick up the form for children over age 12 for whom they would like borrowing privileges  
  • The Drew faculty or staff member related to the spouse or child must then sign the registration form, agreeing to pay for any fines or lost item. 
  • Once the Drew faculty or staff member has signed the form, the spouse or child may present the completed form to Circulation to register and obtain a library card.  

Borrowing privileges and loan periods

Borrowing privileges are for one year and are renewable if the family member's account is free of fines, outstanding books, or other account issues

Participants in these programs may borrow up to 10 items at a time for a loan period of 30 days. No renewals, recall, InterLibrary Loan, or off-site database access privileges are granted


Family members are subject to overdue fines of 10 cents a day and the maximum overdue fine per item is $10.00. IItems that are overdue for 35 days are assumed to be lost and a $100.00 per item replacement charge is placed on the borrower’s account (unless it is determined that the replacement cost for the item exceeds $100.00.)   Once returned, the $100.00 fee per item is reduced to a lesser amount unless the Library has already purchased a replacement copy.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

When an item becomes assumed lost, library privileges are automatically suspended until all assumed lost books have been returned and/or all replacement fees are paid.

Recalled Items

Recalls are requests by Drew faculty, staff, students, or Reserves for material charged to another borrower.  Items are subject to recall 20 days after the original charge out date; items needed for Reserve may be recalled at any time.  If a recalled item is not returned promptly, a patron is subject to fines, replacement charges, and the suspension of borrowing privileges.

Fines for failure to return a recalled item

Maximum overdue recall fine for failure to return a recall for another patron is $20.00. Maximum overdue recall fine for failure to return a Reserves recall is $45.00.If a recalled book is replaced before it is returned, or is not returned and is considered lost, a minimum $100.00 replacement charge will additionally be assessed.