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Reference Sources
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Discourse Analysis (Narrative)
Narration (Rhetoric)
Narrative Preaching
Narrative Theology
Narrative Therapy
Storytelling Religious Aspects Christianity
Story Sermons

On-topic On-line books
Life Stories: Creation of Coherence (Oxford, 1993)
The Matrix of Narrative: Family Systems and the Semiotics of Story (de Gruyter, 2011)
Narrative Approaches in Theology and Religious Studies (Brill, 2013)
Narrative Theology and Moral Theology: The Infinite Horizon (Ashgate, 2007)
Nature of the Soul: The Soul as Narrative (Ashgate, 2012)
Other People's Pain: Narratives of Trauma and the Question of Ethics (Peter Lang, 2011)
Other People's Stories: Entitlement Claims and the Critique of Empathy (Univ of Illinois, 2005)
Qualitative Research in Action (Sage, 2002) (see: "Narrative in Social Research")
Reclaiming Narrative for Public Theology (SUNY, 2004)
Transforming Tales: How Stories Can Change People (Jessica Kingsley, 2009)
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Periodical Databases
Modern Language Association MLA Bibliography
Philosopher's Index

On-Topic On-Line articles
"Awakenings: Autobiography, Memory and the Social Logic of Personal Discovery" (2010)
"The Christian Story and Our Stories: Narrative Pedagogy in Congregational Life" (2013)
"Reclaiming the Story: Narrative Research in Ministry" (2008) (see whole issue of Congregations v. 34, no. 1) 
"Some Implications of Narrative Theology for Ministry to Cancer Patients" (1984)
"The Way Out of No Way: Modern Impediments to Postmodern Discipleship" (2007)
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A resource page for further thoughts on Ministry: PSTH690 (MAM Internship)




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